Irfan’s letter in the wild air

Irfan's letter in the wild air

Irfan’s letter in the wild air.Some time ago I was diagnosed with high-grade neuroendocrine cancer. This clumsy word is completely new, unfamiliar to my dictionary. My recovery is largely uncertain. The game of constant experimentation with medicine is going on. But a few days ago I met in another game. Riding on an impossibly fast train is like playing my dream game in a matter of moments. I was so intoxicated by the competition of aspirations, fantasies, and goals. I was fascinated when the train ticket checker tapped me on the right shoulder and said, “Get ready, you have to get off at the next station.”

Irfan’s letter in the wild air

It is part of a letter from the late Bollywood star Irrfan Khan. The letter has brought a different look to the people on the platform ‘Jangli Hawa’ of three dreamy youths in the cultural arena of Dhaka. An 11-minute documentary titled ‘Irfan’s letter’ has been published on the Jungle Air channel on YouTube. On March 15, 2016, Irrfan Khan posted a post on Twitter. There he confirmed the news of his cancer. Irfan’s letter was translated by Titas Mahmud.

Saiful Islam Journal is one of the three Kushilb of Jangli Hawa. The video of Irfan’s letter was made by theater workers, puppeteers, musicians, and producers. What do you think this works? He said world leaders spend a large portion of their money on building and selling weapons, researching settlements on Mars. But no one has been able to find out what will cure cancer. It’s a huge conspiracy. According to the WHO, in 2017, 9.7 million people died of cancer alone. Statistics show that one in every six deaths is due to cancer. We should have reconsidered the health sector a long time ago. Now it has to be poured and decorated. All of this makes us think of artists. Irfan’s letter from there. ‘

Hira Chowdhury, a theater worker, actor, and narrator involved in this effort recited Irfan’s letter. The idea of ​​Irfan’s letter first came to the mind of theater workers and music teacher, Shariful Islam. With this, the wild wind platform was born in Lockdown. Irfan’s letter in the wild air

Special thanks are due to Ajmeen Azad, Raihan Ahmed Rafi, and Ferdous It for their wildlife logo design and animation and digital support. Irfan’s letter is dedicated to Irfan Khan, Humayun Ahmed, Andrew Kishore, and other artists who have died of cancer. Irfan’s letter in the wild air

Irfan’s letter in the wild air

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