Love Stories – Real-Life True Romantic Stories

Love Stories - Real-Life True Romantic Stories

Love Stories – Real-Life True Romantic Stories, Hidden love story |Romantic love story | New romantic love storyTanima, give me some water. It is very hot today. I got very tired while walking on it. I would have missed this tuition if I had sat in a rickshaw on the road.

Love Stories – Real-Life True Romantic Stories

Tanima stood up at my words. Before I could say anything, Tanima said, -Sir, do you need anything else? No, Mom, just a glass of cold water.
Tanima didn’t stand anymore. She went to fetch water for Sir.

Tanima. My only student. Of course, I read a few more besides him, but why is it that the love for him is a little too much.

A little girl. I fall in class four. I especially like his words. Did you want water?

I looked at her with false words. The girl has a very angry expression on her face. In fact, I understood the relation of her anger by asking for water. Mithila, Tanima’s elder sister. Before I could say anything, Mithila said loudly, Am I your wife? What did Oituku teach the little girl?

I did not think of what to say in Mithila’s words. In fact, I do not understand what is happening. Besides, I did not ask her for water.

I have never been so insulted. Your mother came up to me and asked what happened, father. But I could not answer. In fact, I do not understand what happened. Tanima said something.

As soon as Tanima came to me with the glass in her hand, I took the glass and put it on the table. I asked the girl without drinking water,

– What did you tell your sister? Tanima laughed at my words and said,I told you, your groom wants water.

My anger increased a little at the words of this little naughty girl. I didn’t understand that the girl was so naughty before. I came out without saying anything else. I have no desire to teach in this situation.

It feels good to walk in the light of sodium. But the mind is as bad as before. In fact, I did not understand that one day a storm will blow over me.

I like Mithila girls very much. Mishuk, beautiful, her mind is also very good. All in all, perfect. But why did it suddenly happen today?

Just a few days ago, the girl made me breakfast and fed me. She also talked for a while. She doesn’t like me either.

While teaching Tanima, he came to the room on different occasions, looked at me, and smiled. But today, he seems to be thinking.

This is that Mr.

As soon as I climbed the stairs, someone called me from behind. I was not in a good mood. Now again. I thought I would not talk to anyone, I would go home and sleep fresh. Standing.

I was a little annoyed to see Faiza at this time. Once this girl started talking, she didn’t notice anywhere else.

 I looked at Pfizer and said,
-Say something?Actually from tuition?

I’ll wait for you tomorrow after college. Will you come?

-Let’s see. Saying the word and I did not stand. I went up the stairs.

Faiza. She lives next door to us. She is new. The girl is beautiful to look at, but the feeling towards her doesn’t work. In fact, I don’t understand how such a beautiful girl fell in love with me. But I don’t have such good eyes. My eyes are stuck on Mithila.

Today, when I was coming home after varsity, I met Pfizer. She was standing in college dress for the rickshaw. Seeing me, the girl called out a little louder. I looked at her and as soon as she stopped the rickshaw, the girl got on the rickshaw and pressed towards me. It seemed.

Before I knew it, the girl said

I couldn’t get a rickshaw. It’s better now. I can go with you.

In Pfizer’s words, I tried to bring a smile on my face. Despite not wanting to, I have to take him with a smile on my face. But the matter was against my mind.

I slept without eating at night. I broke my sleep on Mithila’s phone. I wouldn’t have been surprised to get Mithila’s phone this morning if yesterday’s incident hadn’t happened.

 – Can you see me?

-Why, will you talk for a while more? You can understand it only when you see it.

 I agreed with Mithila’s words. I hung up the phone, had a fresh breakfast, and left for the place called Mithila.

Of course, I have never been here before. In fact, those who come here are either wives or girlfriends. Since I have neither of these, I have never been here.

As soon as I came, I saw Mithila come and appear. She was crouching on a small bench like a baby girl. As soon as I stood in front of Mithila, the girl stood up. The girl could not even look up at me. Maybe she was ashamed.

Sorry. In fact, I did not understand your lie. Besides, my anger was not there. I looked at her again with Mithila’s words. The girl is still bowing her head like before. I already understood that her anger towards me was not to ask for water. There is something else in it.

I looked at Mithila and said, Can I find out the reason for the anger? Actually, I saw a girl with you on her way home tomorrow, sitting in a rickshaw. What happened to the anger? – I can’t stand any other girl next to you.

Saying the word, Mithila lowered her head a little more. Tarman had seen me with Pfizer yesterday. And that anger was poured on me in the evening.

 After telling Mithila everything about Faiza, I took out the phone and handed it to her and said, “Let’s see if this girl can be tolerated.”

Mithila looked at me and took the phone in her hand. I didn’t understand what she understood when she saw the pic.

I smiled at Mithila’s words and said, – I’ll keep it. – But when are you picking me up? – Many days ago. You were giving me breakfast then. It’s not right to pick someone up in secret. – Now you know.

-Hmm. -Love?
Mithila smiled at my words and held my hand tightly and said, -Hum basis, I love you very much. I put my face to Mithila’s ear and said,Meanwhile, Faiza is waiting.

What do you say? I will go to that naughty girl. I will break her leg completely. My face went a little dry when I heard about the broken leg. It was as if my legs were hurting after hearing the words.

Without saying anything to Mithila, I grabbed her hand tightly and said in my mind, there is no way to go there, no way, no way.


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