The love story of suffering is a true story - a deceitful girl

The love story of suffering is a true story – a deceitful girl. The love story of suffering is a true story – a love story of a girl with two sons. The name of the Hindu Muslim boy is Hasan. He is the child of a Muslim family. She passed SSC from high school and went to town to study for a diploma. Hasan’s class had a total of 26 shadows and there were 3 girls in it. A girl used to come to the call from the beginning.

The love story of suffering is a true story - a deceitful girl
love story of suffering is a true story

The love story of suffering is a true story – a deceitful girl

And the other two girls would not come. In this way, the Eid of Qurbani of Hasan came. Hasan invited everyone in his class to go home for Eid. Hassan never talked to any college girls. Because one of the most costly events in Jean’s high school life happened.

Because of this he never talked to any girl. When they come to college again after Eid, after a few days of class, another new girl comes to their class saying that she will be with them. Hassan never looks at her. And don’t talk to him.

The girl’s name was Rajni. The girl was a Muslim. Hasan goes home like Riti after taking college classes on his own. Thus some days go by. After that, a boy from Hasan’s class likes Rajini and the boy says he will not fall in love with Rajini.

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After finishing the class of that day, the girl who was about to leave for Hasan’s house asked Hasan why he was so arrogant. Hasan did not listen to the girl’s words and started walking like himself.

The girl came to smile and spoke. This time Hasan started walking with an umbrella over his head. The next day in class some boys and girls started making fun of Hasan. After a few days like this, Hasan talked to his daughter. The love story of suffering is a true story – a deceitful girl.

A few days later, Hasan told the girl what was on his mind. That i love you The girl is very happy and goes to her mess. On the way out, he gave his own phone number to Hasan and asked him to call at night.

Hassan called the girl’s phone at the right time at night. This time he left the phone after talking for two or five minutes at night. Some days go by like this.The love story of suffering is a true story – a deceitful girl

This time new reports come in the name of the girl every day. Rajini or Hasan’s college Hindu fell in love with an older brother. Hassan doesn’t believe what he says, he loves the girl blindly. Thus many more days passed.

Hasan and Rajini have been in love for a long time. Inside, the two of them go to many places. And watching movies.

One night Rajini suddenly called me to say something to herself. Tell me, Hasan, I have something in your hand. Say it with a smile
Can you bear to say Rajini ?? A love story of hardship – a deceitful girl

Hasan says you say there is no problem Rajini was married in one place before him. She is married.

Hasan became very worried when he heard about it. Hasan’s many thoughts and sleep became forbidden. Hassan loves her very much after that and can’t help but talk to her.

Hassan used to go for walks in the city with his friends in the afternoon. Inside, news came to Hasan that Rajini was riding around with the Hindu boy on a motorcycle. But Hasan does not believe the words.Hassan was the fastest boy in his class and the class captain.

Hassan goes for a walk with one of his friends like any other day. Hasan is sitting with his friend. Where are you Rajini phone ?? Hassan lies that he is at home. There is a little doubt in Hasan’s mind. The love story of suffering is a story – a deceitful girl

Hassan is walking with his friend after 10 minutes. Suddenly Hasan saw Rajini walking hand in hand with the Hindu boy. Seeing Rajni Hasan, he hurriedly left the Hindu boy’s hand and grabbed Hasan’s hand.

Rajini is another Boy Friend. Who says Hasan is his best friend. Hasan is a stubborn servant, he now says directly to that boy, brother, do you love Rajini ???

The Hindu boy says yes. Not only me but Rajini also loves me. Hasan says Rajini loves me and Hasan never used to lie to anyone. Hasan came there to tell Rajini that you didn’t do the job right away.

I believed you blindly. I loved you more than my life and you gave such a reward. ??

The next day, I called my elder brother Hasan from the college and threatened to kill Hasan by arguing with him in various ways and he went to kill his elder brother Hasan but the other elder brother agreed.



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