Orphan girl’s real romantic love story.

Orphan girl's real romantic love story.

Orphan girl’s real romantic love story..I was kicked out of the house for marrying an orphan girl. I don’t have Sumita’s father. Sumita left their family with great difficulty. After a love affair with Sumita for about four years, I married Sumita. My parents refused to call me son because I went home with Sumita. He would have accepted to marry the daughter of a moneylender without being an orphan.

Orphan girl's real romantic love story.
Orphan girl’s real romantic love story.

I let out tears and grabbed Sumita’s hand and walked out. Then Sumita told me that she would leave as if I was staying with my mother-in-law. Sumita knows how much it hurts if a child doesn’t have parents, so she says this. Getting married to Sumita was like a sunny afternoon rain.

Orphan girl’s real romantic love story.

I was then a few days before the final of the varsity BSC IN TEXTILE ENGINEERING. One day I was walking along the side of the road in the afternoon in a bad mood. About 181/2 km away from home. I reached a bus stop on foot. There is a beautiful woman sitting in the passenger camp. Which is rarely seen in this busy city at once contrary to the environment. The girl’s whole body is covered in a black burqa. The hands and feet are also covered with mouza. Nothing can be seen except the eyes. I approached with interest. I know the screen doesn’t make people in this city. Everyone calls themselves Muslims.

I stood by to talk to the girl. When I asked him his name, he said, “Young man, restrain your eyes.” That is the word of God. The girl said nothing and got up as soon as the bus arrived. I did not dare to say anything on the bus. I got on the bus without thinking. And I went and sat next to the girl. I said nothing and sat in silence. I think I will see when and where he goes. When the bus stopped at the next bus stop after 25 minutes, the girl got down. I also went down with the girl.

The girl walked to an orphanage. I also stood behind the front of the orphanage. I saw the writing on the gate of the orphanage … “Fatma (RA) Mahila Hafezia Madrasa” I have no choice but to read the girl Hafez or Hafezi.
I was standing there. After a while a 4-5 year old girl was coming out through the gate. I called the baby girl. A little while ago, the woman went inside, who is she? The baby girl says that the woman is the teacher of the madrasa who teaches us.

What I thought was exactly what Hafez was. I went to a small tea shop near the gate of the madrasa and sat down. As soon as the shopkeeper asked my uncle to give me tea, I saw that my mother had made a few calls on my phone. Then I called my mother and told her that it would be too late to come today and left the phone. I took the cup of tea and started drinking tea. Then the tea shopkeeper says … Mama, I see you here. I said mama. Then I talked to the shop owner for a long time and realized that the shopkeeper is a good person.

I then asked the shopkeeper’s uncle if he knew the female teacher of the madrasa. Mama says there are two teachers. One always stays in the madrasa. Another came in the afternoon and read. I’m talking about reading in the afternoon. I have been watching the girl since my childhood as a shopkeeper. I used to come to this tong shop to eat a lot of times. Now growing up, Hafezi finished his studies and got a job here.

Her name is Maryam Akhter Sumita. Everyone knows her as Sumita. The girl had been living in an orphanage since childhood. He has no one in this world.
The shopkeeper looks at me better and says …. you think you are the son of a good family. I left without saying anything and paid for the tea. After leaving the shop, I went straight home and took my bike to the front of the madrasa.

Sumita is going home after evening. Then I also followed Sumita. Sumita got off the bus and went home. Sumita’s home is in a slum. I also wanted to know about Sumita there. Not everyone can finish talking about Sumita Gune. I have been following Sumita for a few days. I haven’t seen his face yet. Still, I could feel him in everything. One day, while coming to teach in a madrasa, I blocked his way.

_ I want to talk to you. If you allow!
_ It is a sin to talk to men after Sumita says. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. If you want to say something, say it quickly today.
_ I said I love you so don’t think it’s a bad thing. I want to marry you. I am not Hafez like you but I pray and worship Allah Almighty. I have never fallen in love with a woman. I don’t want to say or know anything else.

_ I don’t even know your name. You’ve never seen me before ……… Will you marry me? The name is not known after marriage. I will pass BSC IN TEXTILE ENGINEERING in a few days. I have all the cars at home.

I don’t see you. I will get married … I will see you married.
I realized that day that Sumita was willing to marry me. The next day I sold my bike and laptop for 3 lakhs. I went to Sumita’s house with money and told her that I would marry her today. Sumita is talking to her madam who grew up. I did not hear what Sumita was saying. I took Aba Sumita by bus to Madrasa. Madam and the shopkeeper’s uncle took her to the Kazi office.

I’m already telling my two friends. I told them we were running away in love and getting married. I gave 25 thousand rupees for Sumita’s cabin. My friend and Kazi himself got married for such a small amount of money. I asked Sumita why she said with so little money, she said if there is love, there is one family and if there is no love, there will be no family in one crore. Everything is in the hands of Allah.

I married Sumita and explained the money of the cabin in front of Qazi. Everyone is surprised to see my work this time. Sumita and Hasi happily took the money and gave it to Madam. When Sumita tells Madam, she gives us money in the orphanage. Then my friends were surprised to hear me say orphanage? I say Sumita has no one in this world. Friends sniff at my work.
I went home with Sumita.

Parents want to know Sumita’s lineage. Then Sumita heard the orphan and took him out of the house. Friends also sniff out Kazi’s office saying they are orphans, like me or they. They will have a relationship with the poor. If they talk about money modeling girl. Sumit and I left the house with tears in our eyes that day and went to Sumita’s house in that slum. I first saw Sumita on Basar night. Whom to marry, I have not seen him before the night of Basar without home. Sumita is a thousand times more beautiful than I thought she would be. Like an angel.

The day after the night of Basar,
_ Sumita, I couldn’t put you in a luxury car.
Sumita holds my hand tightly and says ,,,,,
God will feed us two handfuls of rice. And only if you can follow the path of Allah. Remember it doesn’t take long for everything to happen if God wills. All you need is trust in Allah and the desire to eat halal. I have not forgotten the words of Sumita that day.

I gave a small grocery store with the two and a half lakh rupees. I started living with halal food and honest courage. Sumita stopped teaching in the madrasa after marriage. I used to spend all my time at home in prayers, fasting, and worship. I also always pray and do everything as per Allah’s command. After 2 years of marriage, a son is born. She had a daughter 2 years later.

In 12 years, by the grace of God, my business has grown a lot. I give two shops in the big market. So that we can work with people. Open another rice mill. We live in a house and rent a few rooms. Sumita’s hand is behind my success. He always gave courage from the side. He used to pray to Allah. That is why the happiness of heaven exists in the house of the boy without the house today. And millionaires.

Today, after 12 years, I am going to bring my parents to my house. After marrying the younger brother, or the bed of his elder brother, he never uses his parents well, and the sick do not serve him now. And those two friends of mine, their heroine Marca’s wife, have divorced one of them or run away from another.

Sumita drove with her children to her parents. I took them home. I know Sumita will never be short of service. Having such a good wife, I found the most precious thing in life. I got an ideal wife. Due to which there was no limit to the joy in my lazy house. The love and happiness that we want from Allah will be with us all our lives. Orphan girl’s real romantic love story.




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